Frequently asked questions


Are puppies sold with registration?

Yes, all puppies are sent home with AKC registration packets and are eligible to be registered by mail or online with limited registration.

Does Ember Rays provide a health guarantee?

Yes, all puppies are sold with a 24 month health guarantee.

Does Ember Rays test adult dogs for hereditary genetic disorders?

Yes, all of our adult dogs are tested and cleared from hereditary genetic disorders.  

Does Ember Rays breed hunting dogs or pets?

We strive for a "lightswitch personality" in our breeding program so they are good citizens in your home but will hunt for you in the field if desired.

What type of labrador retriever do you breed?

All of our puppies have British/English influence in their bloodlines.  British or English labs tend to have a shorter stature, blockier build.  Depending on the lines, they often have a calmer temperament and are more responsive to direction.

Are puppies socialized?

Yes, socialization includes exposure to various types of noise, playing fetch with tennis balls, a wide variety of terrain and being handled daily.  We strongly feel that all of the extra effort we put into socialization at an early age makes for a well-adjusted puppy.